Audit Protocols

This guide outlines the specific protocol standards required for certification under the Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association program. The 2019 Edition of the Protocols are the current standards in force.

Download: Audit Protocols & User Guide 2019 (PDF)

Compliance & Enforcement Process/Appeals

Click here for the AWSA Appeals Process

Download: Compliance & Enforcement Process (PDF)

Technical Bulletins 1-34

From the Warehousing Audit Protocol & User Guide Technical Bulletins provide important information to further clarify the AWSA Standards. These bulletins are referenced within the AuditProtocols.

Download: AWSA Warehousing Standards Bulletins (PDF)

AWSA Insurance Coverage Form

This form is required to be completed by all warehouses seeking certification. Further information about the insurance requirements can be found in Bulletin 16.

Download: Insurance Coverage Form 2013 – Fillable Format (PDF)

Download: Bulletin 16 (PDF)

Pesticide Storage and Pesticide Storage Fires

Download:  MOE Fire Department Notification Requirements (PDF)

The Biedermann Fire

Download:  J. Henderson Report regarding the Biedermann Fire (PDF)

AWSA Monthly Warehouse Inspection Checklist

Download: AWSA Monthly Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Agrichemical Product Classification

Click here to download this Excel file to your computer (once downloaded please check your download folder):

Product Classification & Storage Requirements Under the National Fire Code and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Excel- Workable version)

AWSA Emergency Response Numbers

Visit:  AWSA Emergency Response Numbers