Emergency Response Numbers

In case of a fire, spill, damaged containers or other emergencies, report immediately by telephone to the emergency number of the company. If a company cannot be reach after hours or weekend call:



Note: If the safety or environmental incident is serious please contact AWSA.

Business hours: 877-236-2972
After hours: 416-471-8100

Download: Emergency Response Numbers PDF

Company24-Hour Phone Number
ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Canada Ltd.877-250-9291 or 855-264-6262
Albaugh Inc.CHEMTREC (800-424-9300)
AMVAC Chemical Corporation800-454-2673 or CHEMTREC (800-424-9300)
Arysta Life Science Canada Inc.800-454-2673 or CHEMTREC (800-424-9300)
BASF Canada800-454-2673 or CANUTEC (888-226-8832)
Bayer Inc.800-334-7577
Belchim Crop Protection Canada866-336-2983 or CHEMTREC (800-424-9300)
Corteva Agriscience CanadaCANUTEC (888-226-8832)
Gowan CanadaCHEMTREC (800-424-9300)
Interprovincial Co-operative Ltd.CANUTEC (888-226-8832)
FMC Canada866-831-7485 or CHEMTREC (800-424-9300)
Gowan CanadaCHEMTREC  (800-424-9300)
Interprovincial Co-operative Ltd.CANUTEC (888-226-8832)
Loveland Products of Canada Inc.800-561-8273 or CANUTEC (888-226-8832)
N.M. Bartlett Inc.CANUTEC (888-226-8832)
NovaSourceCHEMTREC (800-424-9300)
Nufarm Agriculture Inc.CHEMTREC  (800-424-9300)
Petro-Canada Lubricants403-296-3000
Plant Products Inc.CANUTEC (888-226-8832)
Premier Tech Home and Garden800-268-2806
Scotts Canada800-668-5669
Syngenta Canada Inc.800-327-8633
United Agri Products Ltd.800-561-8273 or CANUTEC (888-226-8832)
UPL AgroSolutions Canada866-303-6952 or CHEMTREC (800-424-9300)
Winfield United Canada Inc.306-222-6978
Univar Canada Ltd.866-333-6376
Valent Canada Inc.800-682-5368 or CHEMTREC (800-424-9300)

Updated September 2021

Disclaimer: the information provided is general in nature and was checked for accuracy on the late indicated to serve as a guide. AWSA certified facilities are encouraged to keep all records and emergency contact information current.