Ammonia (NH3) Code of Practice

Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) is a highly effective fertilizer used by farmers across the country, but it can also be dangerous if it is not handled properly. To address these risks the Ammonia Code of Practice, launched by Fertilizer Canada, has set requirements for distribution, storage and handling of anhydrous ammonia.

The Ammonia Code of Practice applies to all agri-retail facilities in Canada that store or retail anhydrous ammonia. Agri-retail sites in Canada and must be fully compliant with the standards outlined in the Ammonia Code of Practice. The Code applies to the agricultural ammonia industry including, road and rail transportation, storage and handling of product, on-farm end use and outlines best practices applicable to the distribution, storage and handling of anhydrous ammonia to ensure safety and security. The Code was drafted by members of the Fertilizer Safety and Security Council, including fertilizer distributors, and agri-retailers.

Third party audits are required to be complaint with the Ammonia Code of Practice. AWSA is pleased to partner with Fertilizer Canada as the exclusive Code auditing provider. AWSA’s experience in managing other similar programs coupled with AWSA’s trained auditors creates an excellent partnership. Ammonia Code of Practice.