Technical Bulletins provide important information to further clarify the AWSA Standards. These bulletins are referenced within the Audit Protocols.

#Bulletin Topic
1 Who Must Meet the AWSA Warehousing Standards
2 Withdrawn
3 Ventilation
4 Exterior Walls
5 Withdrawn
6 Fire Control Tactics
7 Building, Electrical & Equipment Classification for the Storage of Agrichemicals
8 Withdrawn
9 Siting of Warehouse
10 Movable Payloaders 1000L Containers
11 Audit Protocols A2
12 Bulk Installations, Liquid and Dry
13A Air Changes per hour
13B Protocol B21 – Ventilation
14 Storage Location (inside or outside) for Containers
15 Ventilation Options for a Partitioned Storage Area
16 Insurance Confirmation of Coverage Form
17 Withdrawn
18 Policy Statement on Shipment and Transportation of Agrichemicals from a Certified Warehouse
19 Multiple Warehouses on a Single Site for Phase III Certification, Rented Space & Renovations
20 Withdrawn
21 Definition and Fire Rating of Interior Fire Compartment Separation Walls
22 Fire Detection Systems
23 Re-Audit Cycle for Multiple Warehouses on the Same Site
24 Lapses in Certification Policy
25 Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage and Ventilation
26 Storage of TDG Class 2.1 Flammable Gas
27 Warehouse Change of Ownership Policy
28 Withdrawn
29 Shipments of Agrichemicals to Custom Applicators/Aerial Applicators having no Certified Warehousing Facilities
30 Provincial Requirements for Retail Vendor Certification
31 Clarification Protocol G9
32 Correct Storage Patterns for Dangerous Goods
33 Protocol E19 – SOP for Accident Investigation and Recording
34 Withdrawn
35 Protocol E16 Shipping Documentation
36 Protocol C7 Guidance
37 Emergency Response Drills
38 Transport Canada Client Identification Database
39 Bulk Storage Installations Handling
S8 Accredited Seed Treatment Standards Bulletin 8
S9 Accredited Seed Treatment Standards Bulletin 9