Register for Protected Agriculture Stewardship Standards

All Protected Ag Operator using closed loop chemigation systems (i.e. drench application) are referred to as Category 1 PA Operators. Category 1 PA Operators must register in order to start the process. Once registered, materials will be mailed including a copy of the Standards and information about Auditors.

All Protected Ag Operator NOT using closed loop chemigation systems (i.e. recirculation system) are referred to as Category 2 PA Operators. Category 2 PA Operators must register to be added to the waiver distribution list.

Organizations that have multiple Category 1 PA locations that have any or all of the following are subject to an audit:

  • Have a closed looped chemigation system
  • have a defined storage area for pesticides
  • have a defined pesticide mixing/loading area for closed loop chemigation systems.
  • Each different location (address/land location) will be treated as a separate audit and a separate certification number will be issued. Please register each location separately to ensure access to an Auditor.

This information will only be used for purposes of registering site. Data will only be accessible by AWSA and authorized bodies affiliated with AWSA.