What is AWSA?

The Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association (AWSA) was founded, and is managed by warehouse operators, manufacturers, distributors and governments working together. Its mission is the continuous improvement of agrichemical warehouse performance in Canada through the establishment of standards to improve environmental protection, working conditions and business risk. This is accomplished by ensuring that crop protection products are stored in certified warehouses. Warehouses are audited every two years by auditors who are specially trained and certified. The Standards are enforced through the diligent issuing and withdrawing of certificates by AWSA. Agrichemical manufacturers will not ship product to uncertified warehouses. In addition AWSA informs, educates and communicates with stakeholders and provides other services as required.


Board of Directors

Jeff Kisilosk (Richardson International)
Merle Hoegy (Brussels Agromart)
Steve Rongits (FS Partners)
Darren Fawns (Crop Production Services)

Dianna Emperingham (Bayer CropScience)
Kevin Brost (FMC)
Doug McLean (Cheminova)
David Steinwachs (BASF)

Public Warehouser
Dwight Osiowy (Acropolis), Chair

Ruben Chong (Cargill Ltd.)

Allan Bakke (Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture)


AWSA’s management company is Funnel Communications Inc. Located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Funnel Communications is a full service association management company providing service to over 10 different associations. Please note our office address:

189 Queen Street East, Suite 1, Toronto, ON M5A 1S2